Allray has vertical integrated capabilities from advanced optical coaxial package (TO-can) and butterfly packaging line, to a mature and advanced LD/PDmodule coupling line, to a mass production transceiver line. Allray is a value added supplier for datacom and tele-communication applications by rovidinggood quality products, as well as service solutions. Allray is number one transceiver supplier for video surveillance transmission applications, and significantplayer for 3G wireless repeater and Industrial Ethernet applications.

The packaging products covering:
  -Coaxial LD / PD TO-38, TO-46, and TO-56 etc.
  -Butterfly packaging products including BTF, QFP, DIP etc.
The LD/PD module products including:
  -LC / SC / FC / ST TOSA, ROSA, and BOSA etc.
The transceiver covering:
  -1x9, SFP, SFF, XFP, SFP+ and PON-ONU/ OLT, SDI, AOC
  -Transmission rate ranging from DC to 10Gbps
  -Wavelength covering 850nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, and CWDM series
  -Transmission distance from 300m up to 120km

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